Franco carries a tremendous healing power and love within him . His treatments are true therapies that transform energy and  reconnect us with our pure inner source whith our true self. He dilutes tension in an amazing way and leave you in a state of calmness which is rare to achieve in any other way…

Executive Creative Director - Faena Group, Buenos Aires/ Miami


This massage goes beyond merely tending to aching muscles. I felt such a calm sensation as mind and body drift in to relaxation. As my senses where relaxed they sort of honed in on a level of emotional awareness, which at several points made me spontaneously laugh from the synergy of relaxation, pleasure and joy. Fabulous experience is all I have to say...

Business executive, surfer and dreamer, Sweden


I have suffered from reacurring neck and shoulder pain for many years, for which I have regular massages back home in London. I arrived at the massage with Franco emotionally and physically pretty exhausted. Franco has a very natural approach, working intuitively, deeply and holistically, naturally drawn to working on areas in the body where both physical and emotional pain has manifested and he worked wonders on my stressed neck and shoulder. I was really blown away with the strength, sensitivity and rhythmic nature of the massage, which is very unique and different to any other massage i have had. The massage which not only after one treatment released and softened the pain in my shoulder and enabled me to enjoy two weeks of surfing and yoga, also released long held emotional tension. for which Franco holds a compassionate space...

PR Director at Modus Publicity, London


I originally found Franco via Instagram as I was opening a yoga retreat business in Weligama and wanted to source reliable therapists to work with. After meeting Franco and talking more about his technique, I realised I had to try the therapy for myself, because it sounded unlike anything I had heard of before. I can certainly say that aside from being the best massage I've had, the therapy as a whole is so much more than a massage. Franco helped me explore the connection my injuries had to past trauma and the resulting habitual patterns I'd formed to mask those issues. Rather than only solving the more superficial pain in the body, we looked to the emotional source, and over several months of treatments, I was able to release tension that had been held in my body for years. More significantly, I'm now more aware of those patterns, and feel able to address them in daily life, which for me offers a more longterm solution to a healthy body and mind.

Yoga Teacher & Founder of Akasha Yoga Retreats


Franco's treatment and way of working is not like any bodytherapy I've experienced before. It is actually quite difficult to explain in words. With instant presence and in a genuine caring way, Franco manages to connect to your whole being while supporting you on to a deeper level of consciousness and awareness, where your body- and mind sensations become integrated into deep relaxation and peace.  Franco has a natural deep wisdom and instinct about his performance, where I believe he has found his truly ideal way to express himself fully through his sensitivity and love to surfing, music and body sensitive awareness therapy. For me, Franco's treatments have meant a deeply moving and transforming experience that I'm very grateful for...

Field of Psychotherapy, Stockholm