Introducing half a day programs


We provide the experiences and the expertise in the area. Packages are tailored depending your needs and how long you’re in the area.

Surfing from the heart


‘Surfing from the heart’ is a program designed for intermediate to advance surfers who are looking to be more connected and intuitive with their surfing.

In our journey to become surfers, we get stuck many times focused in technical progression and goal pursuing, which can develop frustration and anxiety blocking our natural intuition. This program will encourage you to develop your surfing in a more organic way paying attention to what is blocking you in physical and emotional layers.
We will use tools such as visualization exercises, video analysis and body awareness exercises. Rather than teaching you how to make a cut back, we want you to fully understand why you need to do a cutback in the wave and let your body choose the moment without thinking.

The essence of YOU ARE THE SEA is to inspire humans to trust their feelings, to be intuitive and expressive and reach an estate of harmony within their bodies and the environment.



Intensive body work program

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The ‘Intensive body work program’ consists of 3 to 5 body work sessions in a week for 1 to 3 participants. This is a program that proposes giving more continuity to the regular one off body work session. In here we will mix massages with group exercises and development experiences. The aim of this program is to dig deeper into any type of blockages that we discover or that you already are aware of. Being able to share our experiences with our fellow participants, we create an ambience of confidence and trust.

Sri Lanka

The island has seen us grow a lot. We’ve been here for almost 5 years now, and we can call it home. Sri Lanka is the place where we started experiencing the inspiration of nature as part of our everyday life. The apparent static routine has been shaped by moving beings like plants, animals and the sea. We discovered how much that affects our perception of life and what we do.
It opens our mind and shows us to be humble towards the difference, the greatest Sinhalese and Tamils, gentle souls. Being immersed in a different universe is as enriching and challenging as it can be. It is a wonderful process and a great place to share.

Programs can be adapted depending how long is your stay in sri lanka. For more information please drop an inquiry here