When things are made out of love, you can’t get it wrong.


Alongside our deep growth through the years into well-being we developed what was already there: our mission/natural interest to take care of people. We worked with a great company called Soul & Surf for almost 6 years, this was the most amazing nest that brought us so much knowledge and resilience to achieve our dreams!

Either as guests, friends or patients we realized that is all about recreating experiences to help anyone unleash. You can describe it as relaxing, inspirational, having fun, quiet moments, self-developing or just being with others.

Connecting through the natural environment or activities, has been amazingly rewarding and life-changing and we want to keep on doing it.

For the ones that already know us, and know how we do this and for new friends. Bring it to you, facilitating and making happen whatever you want it to happen.

Min n Fran your hosts

Min n Fran your hosts



Upcoming retreats


Sri lanka

all year round.


If you are coming to Sri Lanka and you want a tailored package, here you’ll find a couple of examples of what we can put together in our home base.

Therapy and self development retreat

October 19 Sri lanka

Retreat in sri lanka october 19

Min and Franco will be hosting a 10 day self discovery and development retreat, including body work, yoga, life coaching and activities in the sea.

Ancient Surf in Peru

The longest left hander

Peru may 2020

3rd year of this amazing trip to ancient peru and surf the longest left in the world.

Our view of things is ‘keep it simple’ and make it great. We believe in the quality of time and experiences through an open an abundant heart: That makes the difference, when things are made out of love, you can’t get it wrong.
— Min