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It doesn’t matter where are you staying, we can bring our programs to you or borrow you for a couple of hours


Experience, Explore, Evolve pack


This pack puts together three essential practices for the sef-develompent perusing :Yoga, Massage and Life coaching.

Sourced with the best resident professionals this package aims to explore and learn from your body s inherent limitations and blockages and empower its intrinsic capacity of healing.

Structure: massage / life coaching / yoga / massage/ yoga / life coaching

We start the week with one 90 min massage session to shake things around and bring to the surface any issues that needs to be addressed. Followed up by a 75 min one to one introductory life coach session to help unveil any professional or intimate issues that might be blocking and creating patterns.
The week goes on with a one to one yoga half dynamic half restorative, the idea is that we can start to dig deeper in our feelings and blockages through finding the space to move through our own practice, encouraging your self practice.
Followed up by the next massage, we already have a clearer idea on where bring more attention to, same for the next yoga session that will be followed up by another massage. In the end we will have a final life coaching session for proper feed back, round up the week and send you off with all the tools to keep working on your own.