About us...


Born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, Franco found surfing as a child, which changed his life forever. At an early age Franco found Californian massage (name given in argentina to Esalen massage), a technique which uses rhythm, corporal expression and sensitivity, it was like a new kind of artistic expression mixing everything he loved. He gained a degree and became a professional therapist developing his personal style working around the world.

Based in South India and Sri Lanka for the last 6 years franco gained a deep connection with his craft allowing him to put his very essence at the service of his work


Jazmin, oldest of 4 siblings, was born and raised in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. As a chid, was a stoked little girl into the nature and adventures. She moved to the big city and studied advertising only to realize that she didn’t belong to the industry. She then joined Patagonia for a big chunk of time learning and getting deeper and deeper into environment consciousness and outdoor lifestyle. She also was part of a music project –sisterhood family– called Shona.

After 6 years, she jumped to the world and has been living and working in the east asian countries of India and Sri Lanka, managing retreats and taking care of people, supporting and generating good vibes! She found surfing as a new connection to nature.



The term You Are The sea is also an exclamation and invitation to wake up our universal awareness and connection with others. We want to take the teaching of the ocean to everyone.
— Fran & Min